No Child Shall Remain Out of School Just Because of Not Having Text Books

Empowering People Through Participatory Monitoring

Free and Quality Education isThe Right of All Children

Educate Girls - Change The World

Community Participation Guarantees Sustainable Development

Equal Pay for Women Is a Matter of Simple Justice

A Drop of Water is Worth MoreThan a Sack of Gold to aThirsty Man

Welcome to Azat Foundation!

AZAT FOUNDATION is a not for profit and non – governmental organization, established on 17th February 2003 by a group of young development Professionals, human rights activists, researchers, media professionals and political activists. AZAT FOUNDATION got registered under The Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance, 1961 (Registration No. EDO-CD/30) on 2nd June, 2005. On 8th November, 2008 Azat Foundation got registered under Societies Act 1961.

AZAT FOUNDATION is engaged in advocacy, campaigning, community mobilization, research, networking, challenging anti poor policies, plans and actions at local, national and international level with different coalitions.

AZAT FOUNDATION also works for development of unprivileged and less developed communities and responses disasters in disaster prone areas to make sure all human exercise equal rights and get equal opportunities of development.

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